Deadlines to apply

February 7, 2019. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship if you apply before that date and if all of the audition material has been received.

April 4, 2019. Without a scholarship, acceptances according to available places.

Successful applicants will have to pay 50% of the fees within 14 days after the reception of the acceptance letter in order to reserve their place.

The full balance must be paid before May 2, 2019. In case of cancellation, the first payment is non-refundable. The second payment can be reimbursed if the student notifies the Admission Coordinator by e-mail at admissions@orford.mu, at the latest one month (30 days) before the first day of the stay. A $50 administration fee will then be deducted from the amount.

If a medical problem beyond your control prevents you from taking part in the Orford Music Academy, your deposit may be used for the subsequent year when a medical certificate is provided. However, you will have to go through the full audition process and be accepted again. If a scholarship was granted to you, it is not transferable to the following year.


  • tuition fees;
  • room in double occupancy;
  • meals at the Orford Music cafeteria;
  • access to concerts at the Orford Music Festival, subject to availability of tickets;
  • access to the training room.

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1 020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.

Voice and Piano Duet

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.


Baroque Music
How to Reach your Full Potential
How to Win an Audition
How to Stand Out as a Chamber Musician


If you add one week of master class, the rate will be $945.
For a stay of three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.


Piano Trio
Orford Winds
Contemporary Music


If you add one or more weeks of master classes:
The rate will be $920 per week.

André Roy

Master Classes

  • From June 16th 2019 to June 22nd 2019

By selecting the master classes formula, you master your journey. You can choose the teacher of your choice, the number of weeks that you wish to participate and the repertoire you want to work. Teaching is done in master classes, private classes and / or in group lessons.

The Orford Music Academy offers to its students the opportunity to study with outstanding international artists to enrich their musical practice. Throughout the summer, these artists make sure to share over their knowledge and experience.


Conceptor, General and Artistic Director of MISQA (McGill International String Quartet Academy), Prof. André J. Roy teaches viola, chamber music and orchestral studies at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University where he also served as Chair of the Department of Performance. He is the author of “String Quartet Technique”, a book on intonation and coordination exercises for string quartet training. Upon graduation from the Curtis Institute, he is named 1st Assistant Solo Viola of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Three times recipient of the Canada Council of the Arts, his concerts took him through Canada, the United States, and Europe. A devoted and sought after viola teacher, his students have won positions in orchestras around the world, many of which are title chairs positions. As a chamber music pedagogue, Prof. Roy has trained and mentored many young string quartets that have been laureates of several international competitions. Prof. Roy regularly give classes at many other institutions including the Colburn School of Music, the Royal Conservatory of Music, the University of Toronto and the University of Stuttgart and at several festivals and programs including the International Viola Congress, Aldeburgh Music Festival, CasalMaggiore International Festival, ENCORE Chamber Music, Southern Ontario Chamber Music...

Multi-level Rates

The rate for a one-week stay is $1 020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.

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