Deadlines to apply

February 5, 2018. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship if you apply before that date and if all of the audition material has been received.

April 5, 2018. Without a scholarship, acceptances according to available places.

Successful applicants will have to pay 50% of the fees within 14 days after the reception of the acceptance letter in order to reserve their place.

The full balance must be paid before May 4, 2017. In case of cancellation, the first payment is non-refundable. The second payment can be reimbursed if the student notifies the Admission Coordinator by e-mail at admissions@orford.mu, at the latest one month (30 days) before the first day of the stay. A $50 administration fee will then be deducted from the amount.

If a medical problem beyond your control prevents you from taking part in the Orford Music Academy, your deposit may be used for the subsequent year when a medical certificate is provided. However, you will have to go through the full audition process and be accepted again. If a scholarship was granted to you, it is not transferable to the following year.


  • tuition fees;
  • room in double occupancy;
  • meals at the Orford Music cafeteria;
  • access to concerts at the Orford Music Festival, subject to availability of tickets
  • access to the training room

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $995.
The rate for a two-week stay is $945 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.

Voice and Piano Duet

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $995.
The rate for a two-week stay is $945 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.


Baroque Music
Fingerstyle Guitar
How to Reach your Full Potential
How to Win an Audition
How to Stand Out as a Chamber Musician


If you add one week of master class, the rate will be $945.
For a stay of three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.


Piano Trio
Orford Winds
Contemporary Music


If you add one or more weeks of master classes:
The rate will be $895 per week.


Orford Music Ambassadors are musicians who have already studied at the Academy and are ready to share their experiences and answer your questions.

So if you want to know more about the Academy – the admissions process, student life at Orford, how our master classes work or anything else – just contact an Ambassador!

Émilie Auclair

Émilie Auclair, violin

20 years old
Languages: French and English

Émilie is a graduate student at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec. Since 2015, she  has taken part in master classes with Mauricio Fuks, Michael Frischenschlager and Federico Agostini, in addition to being a 2017 Orford Music Award semi-finalist.

Émilie plays on a 1752 Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin, and an Albert Nurnberger bow generously loaned by Canimex Inc., located in Drummondville, Quebec.

“What I like most about the Academy is the master class format, which allows us to work with the greatest masters and make the most of their teaching. We have several private lessons and we can also attend the lessons of all the other students, which allows us to learn a lot!”

Jaena Kim

Jaena Kim, flute

20 years old
Language: English and Korean

Jaena is an undergraduate at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. She is majoring in Orchestral Flute Performance and minoring in Music Entrepreneurship. During summer 2017, she took part in master classes given by Denis Bluteau, Paula Robison and Julien Beaudiment, as well as reaching the semi-finals of the Orford Music Award.

“The most rewarding experience at the Orford Music Academy was participating in the Orford Music Award! I got the most constructive feedback from the judges to really hone and refine my musicianship, learned about multiple ways to successfully approach the business aspect of music – and most importantly, made some incredible and talented friends that we keep in touch regularly!”

Harrison Dearman

Harrison Dearman, double bass

20 years old
Language: English

Harrison pursues an undergraduate music performance degree at the University of North Texas. He participated in Joel Quarrington’s master classes in the summer 2017.

“My favorite part about Orford is the beautiful, peaceful scenery and the friendships I made. Also, not to forget, the wonderful educational opportunities!”

Chris Soong

Chris Soong, piano

23 years old
Language : English

Chris is a graduate student in piano performance at the University of Toronto. He has taken part in the Orford Music Academy since 2014, primarily attending master classes (Ronan O’Hora, Benjamin Pasternack, André Laplante) and the Piano Trio workshop under the direction of the Gryphon Trio.

“What I liked most about the Academy was the environment it is in. The atmosphere attracts talent from all across the globe, allowing students to meet, work with, and create connections with others that could last a lifetime. The people you can meet at Orford are amazing, and you know everyone has a story to tell as soon as you arrive.”