Deadlines to apply

February 7, 2019. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship if you apply before that date and if all of the audition material has been received.

April 4, 2019. Without a scholarship, acceptances according to available places.

Successful applicants will have to pay 50% of the fees within 14 days after the reception of the acceptance letter in order to reserve their place.

The full balance must be paid before May 2, 2019. In case of cancellation, the first payment is non-refundable. The second payment can be reimbursed if the student notifies the Admission Coordinator by e-mail at admissions@orford.mu, at the latest one month (30 days) before the first day of the stay. A $50 administration fee will then be deducted from the amount.

If a medical problem beyond your control prevents you from taking part in the Orford Music Academy, your deposit may be used for the subsequent year when a medical certificate is provided. However, you will have to go through the full audition process and be accepted again. If a scholarship was granted to you, it is not transferable to the following year.


  • tuition fees;
  • room in double occupancy;
  • meals at the Orford Music cafeteria;
  • access to concerts at the Orford Music Festival, subject to availability of tickets;
  • access to the training room.

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1 020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.

Voice and Piano Duet

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.


Baroque Music
How to Reach your Full Potential
How to Win an Audition
How to Stand Out as a Chamber Musician


If you add one week of master class, the rate will be $945.
For a stay of three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.


Piano Trio
Orford Winds
Contemporary Music


If you add one or more weeks of master classes:
The rate will be $920 per week.

Support us


How to donate?


Becoming a volunteer



Choose from a number of donation options:

Why donate to Orford Music?

  • to be part of a musical experience;
  • to support the international Academy;
  • to back the next generation of musicians;
  • to discover visual art;
  • to ensure cultural sustainability;
  • to make the most of the organization’s unique natural setting;
  • to open yourself up to the world.

Supporting Orford Music means…

  • becoming a volunteer and having a unique social and musical experience;
  • standing behind the next generation of musicians and offering a springboard for life;
  • protecting and nurturing our musical heritage;
  • helping to ensure the sustainability of the international academy’s educational and artistic mission.


Ms. Hélène Daneau
Director, Communications & Private Giving
819 843-3981, ext. 230

Orford Music Academy

For 65 years, Orford Music has been offering young musicians aged 18 to 25 years the opportunity to study at an advanced level. Every year, the Academy, the largest in Central and Eastern Canada, welcomes internationally renowned faculty, who come to share their expertise and passion for music with our young university-level instrumentalists.

To fulfill its mission, Orford Music promotes excellence, rigour, pushing personal limits, dedication, openness and respect. Its training program is based mainly on theoretical and hands-on learning, as young musicians who play a variety of instruments work in close collaboration with world-class teachers.

More than
Every summer, more than 400 students embarking on musical careers
more than
faculty members, all recognized performers and teachers
piano accompanists
performance and creation workshops
free concerts presented by students as part of the Orford Music Festival
master classes

Attracting excellence

Scholarship Fund

Orford Music’s ability to attract top young performers is dependent on the size of its scholarship fund. These scholarships, worth up to $995 per week, are awarded based on auditions taken by a large portion of the Academy’s students. More than $200,000 was awarded in 2016. As a long-term objective, we would like to award a scholarship to each student, which translates into $850,000. We are currently at 25% of this objective, and we aim to reach 35% by 2019.

With this in mind, and to ensure that the very best candidates, some of whom may not have the financial means to cover the entire cost of the Academy, can attend the training workshops, we are seeking additional funding.

Sponsor a Student

Sponsoring a student is a unique experience; you can give a young person the opportunity to study at a level that reaches the highest international standards. Getting to know a young musician and watching him or her progress and embark on a professional career is an incredible opportunity. Sponsors receive the biography and picture of the musician they sponsor, and are invited to attend his or her concerts.

Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of these young musicians. Give them the opportunity to benefit from a world-class education at Orford Music:

  • A full scholarship is worth $995 and covers a one-week workshop.
  • A half scholarship is worth $498.

An official receipt for tax purposes will be issued before the end of the year.

A unique experience

When you offer a scholarship to an Orford Music student, you’re helping to build the next generation of talent. It gives the scholarship recipient the chance to take another step toward excellence. And on top of that, you’re doing something nice for yourself, because it makes you feel good!”

— Micheline Hardy, student sponsor

During my stay at Orford Music, I had the pleasure of meeting Micheline, who had helped finance my participation at the Academy. What struck me the most was her passion and curiosity for singing, and even singing lessons. She came to both of my performances, one at Knowlton and one at Orford Music’s Gilles-Lefebvre Concert Hall, and she attended one of my lessons and several master classes. 

Before I left, she invited me to write to her and tell her about my upcoming performances, and she assured that, if possible, she would come to Montreal to attend the concerts. For a young musician, that kind of support gives a real boost of confidence, it makes you want to continue to pursue your dreams. I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored or plans to sponsor a student!

— Pascale Spinney, mezzo-soprano, former student of the Academy

Our students dream
in piano

This is not just a piano

For our students, it’s an open invitation, with limitless creative potential.

When you give a piano to Orford Music, you are giving a voice to hundreds of talented young musicians.

Recognition Program

Donors’ names will be affixed to the pianos offered. Donors’ names will be mentioned in the donor section of concert programs, on the Orford Music website, as well as in the annual report. Donors will receive a tax receipt for their donations.

The Orford Music Academy reminds me why I love music, and why I love sharing that passion with others. I am inspired as an artist and as a person. It’s amazing to see how students grow here, each in his or her own way.

— Antoine Rivard-Landry, Academy Student & 2017 Orford Music Award Finalist 

A piano remains at the centerstage of our lives as musician: it is an intimate relationship, she needs to reflect what we feel and not hinder our imagination.

— Wonny Song, Pianist & Director at Orford Music

Make a donation to “Une place en art”

TheUne place en artprogram at the Gilles-Lefebvre Concert Hall gives us the chance to recognize loyal donors who generous contribute to Orford Music. Each donor’s name will be affixed to a seat in the concert hall and in the hall entrance as a form of recognition:

  • $1,000 for 10 years
  • $500 for 5 years

An official receipt for tax purposes will be issued before the end of the year.

A donation in your image

A commitment from the heart

Planned giving

Planned giving, the result of financial, tax or estate planning, is an act that comes straight from the heart! It’s an excellent way to fulfill your personal philanthropic aspirations, while helping Orford Music to pursue its artistic and cultural mission with future generations.

While direct donations are essential for helping us meet Orford Music’s immediate needs, we rely on planned giving to ensure our long-term viability.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for planned giving, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your personal and financial situation, as well as your philanthropic goals. The various options offer tax benefits that are applicable either at the time of donating, or once the donor passes away.

Types of donations:

• Estate plan gifts
• Gifts in kind
• Publicly-listed securities
• Life insurance
• Endowment fund
• RRSP/RRIF donation

More information to come.


Ms. Hélène Daneau
Director, Administration & Private Giving
819 843-3981, ext. 230