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      How can an understanding of dance not only inform your performance but make it come to life?   

      It’s the goal of this workshop to help string players navigate the challenges that come with performing 18th-century string music. It includes a special focus on dance, as it was such a vital component of the music of this period. We will discuss how dance can inform and invigorate our performances.  

      Afraid to dance? Don’t be! It is a small part of the workshop, and nobody will force you to!)

      Students will play from a selected repertoire, focusing on music written for dance. This will be the basis for both instrumental performance practice and dance style and character learning. 

      Students will participate in:  

      • Master classes on the repertoire musicians will have prepared individually (2-3 dance movements from the baroque, classical and early romantic repertoire – solo or chamber music)   
      • Master classes with chamber music selected by the teachers (these pieces will be shared in advance or in class) 
      • A series of mini-lectures and discussions about related themes:  
        • The history of the early movement and its growing influence on mainstream music performance  
        • The new and growing field of research into music interpretation, which brings together all musicians and is not based on the use of period instruments  
      • Classes on 18th-century dance: discussing the basic steps, structure, and character of the music we will be studying  
      • Viewing video footage of dance performances

      This program is for individual string players (violin, viola, cello, double bass) and existing string ensembles (duets, trios, quartets, etc.).  



      Workshops include the following:

      • 2.5 hours of one-on-one lessons per week
      • Group activity (master class, Q&A session, technique classes)
      • The option to participate in one or more student concerts
      • Access to a collaborative pianist
      • Networking activities with fellow musicians
      • Access to conferences presented by musicians and guests from various backgrounds on topics related to a musician’s career such as technique, finances, psychology, physical fitness, and more
      • Accommodation in one of our two artist residences
      • Three meals a day, as well as full access to the kitchen and common areas
      • Practice studios equipped with pianos (available 6AM-11PM)
      • Housekeeping, laundry (for a fee), parking, and free WiFi (free)
      • Free tickets to live performances in the Gilles-Lefebvre Concert Hall (subject to availability)
      • The opportunity to explore the beautiful Mont-Orford National Park


      Please note that all Covid-19 regulations set forth by the Gouvernement du Québec will be rigorously followed.


    Application Deadlines

    February 2, 2023
    First Round (for automatic scholarship consideration)

    March 30, 2023
    Second Round (for scholarship consideration, subject to availability)



    Please note that scholarships can cover up to 75% of tuition fees.

    • For a one-week workshop is $1,100 (CAD)
    • For a two-week workshop is $2,200 (CAD)


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