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    • 2021 Academy – Details

      The Orford Music Academy will offer flexible services to its students with a formula adapted to the current global situation.

      Before registering, please take note of all the information on this page.

    • In the context of a pandemic, we believe it is important to be open and flexible, so we are considering two possible scenarios for the summer Academy:


      • 100% virtual academy
      • Hybrid academy, a mix of face-to-face and virtual education


      A final decision will be made at the beginning of April. Whether you live the experience online or in person, it is essential for us to ensure the same quality of teaching that has made the Orford Music Academy’s reputation for 70 years.



      What is the 2021 Academy ?


      • For each class or internship, you will be entitled to 2.5 hours of individual lessons per week with your teacher.
      • Classes and workshops’ schedule will be determined a few weeks in advance and sent to participants individually.
      • Every student enrolled in at least one class will have access, throughout the summer, to online lectures on various aspects of a musician’s career. These online lectures will be given by teachers and professionals from other backgrounds (such as music, finance, psychology, fitness, etc.). A calendar will be unveiled a few weeks before the beginning of the summer.


      If your class is offered on campus :


      • At the beginning of April, you will be informed by email of your teacher’s decision to offer his or her class in person and you will receive an adjusted invoice including accommodation and meal costs. For more details on fees, click here. You will have one week to confirm whether you prefer to be on campus or online.
      • A collaborative pianist will be assigned to your class and will be available on site.
      • • You will have access to all the services normally offered on campus. Click here for more information.


      If your class is offered virtually: :


      • At the beginning of April, you will be informed by email of your teacher’s decision to offer his or her class online. If this is the case, you will not be invited to travel to the campus.
      • Classes will be given via a videoconferencing platform. Make sure you have good quality audio and video equipment as well as a fast internet connection (ideally between 15 and 50 Mb/s). We suggest using a laptop or desktop computer and an Ethernet cable to access the internet instead of using a wireless network.
      • You will have access to technical support resources that will perform all the necessary tests with you beforehand and will assist you if problems emerge.
      • A recording of the piano part of a piece in your repertoire will be made by the collaborative pianist assigned to your class. After working with this first recording, it will be possible to submit to the pianist your comments for a second adjusted recording.


      No matter what scenario you choose, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience at the Academy 2021. Music must continue in spite of everything!


      Make sure to read the cancellation policy