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    • During your stay 


      Arrival & Orientation 

      • Sunday from 3PM – 9PM: Check-in at Reception 
      • Time TBA: Orientation meeting 


      If you anticipate arriving outside of the scheduled check-in period, please inform the Academy team by email (admissions@orford.mu), or by phone (819-843-3981, ext. 251). If delayed, you must contact Orford Music’s receptionist directly at 819-843-3981 ext. 233 in order to make alternate arrangements.  


      Identity Card 

      Upon arrival, you will receive a photo identity card that you should carry with you at all times. Your ID card allows you to:  

      • Eat at the cafeteria  
      • Circulate in the Charles-Leblanc pavilion  
      • Access the rehearsal studios & classrooms 
      • Attend master classes  


      Damage Deposit 

      A $50 damage deposit must be made upon arrival. Costs resulting from the loss or damage to any Orford Music material you used or borrowed during your stay will be deducted from this deposit. It is preferable to make the deposit with a credit card, but cash may be accepted in extenuating circumstance.  


      Your $50 deposit will be returned to you once you have vacated your room and returned the following items: 

      • Your room key  
      • Any unreturned items from the Music Library  
      • Your identity card   


      Consent Form  

      Upon arrival, all students must sign and submit both a Photo & Video Consent Form and Orford Music’s Anti-Harassment Policy. 



      A bed in a double-occupancy room is assigned to each student (subject to change due to Covid-19 regulations). Bedding and towels are provided. You are responsible for maintaining your room and its furnishings in the condition in which you found them upon arrival. Any damage noticed upon your arrival, or resulting from an accident during your stay, should be reported to Reception immediately. You will be billed for all damage caused by negligence. Moving furnishings within the residence is strictly forbidden.  


      Students are allowed to practice in their residence rooms between 8AM and 9PM. 


      Please note that students are not allowed in faculty member’ rooms and vice versa. You are asked to inform Student Services if you become aware of a violation of this policy. 


      Room Change  

      For security reasons, it is important that we remain informed at all times of the room you occupy. If you wish to change or trade rooms, please contact the Academy Coordinator.  


      Extending Your Stay  

      If you would like to extend your stay, please contact the Academy Coordinator. Your request will be accommodated if space is available. You will be required to assume any additional costs resulting from the increased duration of your stay.  



      Silence must be maintained near the residences between 11PM and 8AM.  



      To ensure tranquility and security, visitors are not allowed in the residences between 11PM and 8AM. 



      Rooms must be vacated by 12PM on the last day of your stay (Saturday). According to your class schedule, it may be possible to leave the site on Friday as well.  Should you be scheduled to perform in a concert on your departure day, your luggage may be stored at Reception until your departure.  


      When checking out, please allow fifteen minutes at the reception desk to return your ID card, receive your deposit back (if eligible), and complete a short end-of-stay survey. 






      Orford Music provides 3 meals per day during your stay. Lunches and dinners will normally include:  

      • Coffee and tea
      • A soup or a salad
      • A main dish  
      • A dessert 


      You must indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions on your application form. To make specific requests concerning meals served at the cafeteria, or to make changes to your menu after submitting your application, please contact the Academy Coordinator.