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    • Campus Amenity Opening Hours   

      (Subject to change without notice)  

      Charles-Leblanc Pavilion (practice rooms)  

      Every day: 6AM to 12AM 


      Music Library  
      Monday: 9AM to 5PM  

      Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9AM to 8PM  

      Friday: 9AM to 5PM  

      Saturday: 10AM to 12PM  


      Student Services  

      Monday to Friday: 9AM to 8PM  

      Saturday & Sunday: 10AM to 5PM 


      Preparing for your stay


      What to Bring 

      • Concert attire (detailed below) 
      • Portable music stand 
      • Piano parts (for any pieces you will play with a collaborative pianist) 
      • Materials or tools you may need for instrument maintenance (i.e. spare strings; there is no music shop nearby) 
      • Light summer clothes 
      • Warm clothes 
      • Raincoat & umbrella 
      • Swimsuit  
      • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
      • Insect repellent  
      • Electric adaptor if your electric devices are not compatible with 110 volts 
      • $50 for damage deposit (payment by credit card preferred) 
      • Spending money and change for the laundry (the nearest ATM is in Magog, 8 km from Orford Music)

      Any Lost & Found items will be brought to Reception. Please note that Orford Music is not responsible for any stolen, lost or broken objects.  


      Concert Clothing  

      Consider bringing formal concert attire for the Rising Star and Orford on the Road concerts. No particular dress code is required, but here are some ideas: 

      • Men: white shirt, black pants, black tie or bowtie  
      • Women: black pants, skirt or dress, black or white blouse  
      • Men & Women: black shoes and black socks 


      Free wireless Internet access is available on campus. 



      Laundry service is available for a fee (please bring $1 coins to use the washer and dryer)


      Music Library  

      A Music Library is available during the Academy, where you may borrow scores, CDs, reference books, and recordings.   


      Photocopies & Copyright  

      A photocopy machine is available for use (free of charge). 



      Security services are available 24/7 for emergency situations. Call 819-674-1404 to reach a security guard.

      Social Activities 

      Many activities, including yoga classes, dance classes, swimming at the beach, campfire, soccer, and karaoke nights, are organized by Student Services make students’ stays even more enjoyable. 


      Rehearsals & concerts 

       Collaborative Pianists  

      All instrumentalists (except pianists) are provided with a collaborative pianist during their master class week. You must bring a score for each piece you wish to work on during your stay. 


      Rehearsal Facilities  

      In addition to the rehearsal facilities in the Charles-Leblanc pavilion (each of which contains a piano), students have access to the green rooms. The booking system will be explained at Orientation. 


      Student Concerts  

      In order for students to experience the career of a professional musician, the Orford Music Academy organizes student concerts each week. Students interested in performing in a concert will be invited to submit an online application during their stay.  


      Rising Stars Concert Series  

      These concerts are offered to the general public at Orford Music’s Gilles-Lefebvre Concert Hall on Thursdays at 4:30 PM and 7:30 PM.


      Orford on the Road Series  

      Happening Wednesday evenings (excluding the Dunham concert, taking place Friday, June 9), the Orford Music Academy organizes concerts in association with some municipalities in the Eastern Townships.   


      Transportation to Concerts  

      Orford Music will provide transportation for any students who are performing at Orford Music events in off-campus venues. 


      Orford Music Concerts  

      Students will receive complimentary tickets to Orford Music concerts (subject to availability).  




      Silence must be maintained near the residences between 11PM and 8AM. 


      Smoke-Free Area  

      In accordance with the Tobacco Act, it is strictly forbidden to smoke or vape inside our buildings. Ashtrays are located outside; we also ask that you smoke at least 9 meters from any door and avoid throwing cigarette ends on the ground.  



      The use of cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018. The legal age for consuming cannabis in Quebec is 18. Please note that despite legalization, it is strictly forbidden for anyone on the Orford Musique site to consume cannabis, year-round.

      Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion from the Academy, without refund.



      The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18. It is forbidden to drink alcohol that has been bought elsewhere on the Bistro’s premises, including its terrace and surrounding area.  


      Illegal Drugs  

      Possessing, selling, and using illicit drugs are strictly forbidden. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in immediate exclusion from the Academy, and may lead to a police report. No refund will be offered. 



      Orford Music is committed to protecting its students and personnel against all forms of harassment. In the occurrence of any form of harassment, the person targeted must notify Student Services or Management. Immediate action will be taken to support the victim and resolve the situation.  


      Disciplinary Measures & Exclusion 

      Orford Music reserves the right to exclude, without refund, any student who hinders Academy operations. Failure to abide by Orford’s Regulations and Standards of Behaviour can result in a maximum of three notices of violation before the student’s identity card will be taken away and they will have to leave the premises without refund. Stealing, intentionally destroying or damaging material, forging official documents, harassing others, or selling alcohol or drugs on campus will make you subject to immediate expulsion.