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    • Orford Music’s artist residencies…

      … offer an ideal venue for rehearsing, creating or fine-tuning your next musical project.


      Artistic residencies at Orford Music!
    • A single musician or group of musicians (maximum 5 people) can apply for an artist residency.

      What are the objectives behind Orford Musique’s artist residencies?

      • To provide artists with a peaceful and energizing work space, allowing them to experiment and focus on developing and researching their own particular ideas, as well as offering technical assistance with audiovisual and recording projects.
      • They give artists the opportunity to network with other residency participants and more broadly, with the Eastern Townships community.
      • To support artists on a one-to-one basis and help them achieve their personal goals in the future, even after completing the artist residency.

      How long does a residency last?

      An artist residency runs for two weeks from the starting date. Participants are free to come and go from Orford Music within that period of time. Check out upcoming dates in the registration form.

      What does it include?

      • Accommodation (single occupancy)
      • Three meals per day and access to a kitchen and common areas
      • A private practise studio equipped with a piano (available at all times) and a USB mic to record yourself (yourselves)
      • Networking with fellow musicians
      • Housekeeping, laundry (fee), parking and free WiFi
      • The possibility of making a recording in the Gilles-Lefebvre Concert Hall
      • The possibility of participating in a cultural mediation activity («Rencontres Uniques»)


    • The cost?

      $2,414.48 taxes included per person, per residency
      *The registration fee is $100 per project (not per person)

      Scholarships and financial aid

      Musicians who are Canadian citizens (or permanent residents) have the option of applying for a scholarship covering the entire cost of the residency. The number of such grants, however, are limited.

      For other sources of funding, check out the various provincial, federal and international institutions/foundations that offer financing to musicians.

      The following websites may be helpful:

      GMMQ        Conseil québécois de la musique

    • How to apply

      Each application undergoes a rigorous selections process.

      1.Complete the Artist Residency Project form* (only one person per project is required to fill up the form) and pay the registration fee (one payment per project).

      *You must include your audition material with your application form. The following is also required:

      • A description of the project (200-300 words) 
      • Your CV (and those of others involved in your project, if applicable)  
      • One (or more) quality recordings 
      • References familiar with your project – name(s) and contact details 
      • Scholarship applications: 
        • Proof of age (official government documents) of project participants
        • Proof of Canadian citizenship (or permanent residency) of project participants

      2. Submit the Artist Residency Project form by the date indicated on said form.


      For further information, contact us at : residences.art@orford.mu 

    • Music at the heart of the community

      Orford Music is committed to forging links between music and the local community by creating stimulating cultural mediation projects. Its goal is to promote the many benefits of music by reaching out to a greater number of people and making the world of music more accessible to the general public.

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