Deadlines to apply

February 7, 2019. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship if you apply before that date and if all of the audition material has been received.

April 4, 2019. Without a scholarship, acceptances according to available places.

Successful applicants will have to pay 50% of the fees within 14 days after the reception of the acceptance letter in order to reserve their place.

The full balance must be paid before May 2, 2019. In case of cancellation, the first payment is non-refundable. The second payment can be reimbursed if the student notifies the Admission Coordinator by e-mail at admissions@orford.mu, at the latest one month (30 days) before the first day of the stay. A $50 administration fee will then be deducted from the amount.

If a medical problem beyond your control prevents you from taking part in the Orford Music Academy, your deposit may be used for the subsequent year when a medical certificate is provided. However, you will have to go through the full audition process and be accepted again. If a scholarship was granted to you, it is not transferable to the following year.


  • tuition fees;
  • room in double occupancy;
  • meals at the Orford Music cafeteria;
  • access to concerts at the Orford Music Festival, subject to availability of tickets;
  • access to the training room.

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1 020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.

Voice and Piano Duet

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.


Baroque Music
How to Reach your Full Potential
How to Win an Audition
How to Stand Out as a Chamber Musician


If you add one week of master class, the rate will be $945.
For a stay of three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.


Piano Trio
Orford Winds
Contemporary Music


If you add one or more weeks of master classes:
The rate will be $920 per week.

Jennifer Gunn

Flute | Piccolo

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Jennifer M. Gunn was appointed to the position of Piccolo with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra by Maestro Daniel Barenboim in 2005. Since joining the CSO, she has been active in the orchestra’s contemporary music series MusicNow, youth programs, and has been a coach for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. In addition to playing in the CSO, she has been a regular guest artist with Dempster Street Pro Musica, the Chicago Chamber Musicians, and the Music of the Baroque orchestra. Prior to joining the CSO, Ms. Gunn has been a member of the Louisville Orchestra, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, and the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. She has also performed with various other orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestras.

Jennifer Gunn made her debut as soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in May of 2008 playing Vivaldi’s Concerto in C Major, RV 443. She has also been a featured soloist on the MusicNow series, playing Shirish Korde’s Nesting Cranes and has recently shared the CSO stage with her colleagues for Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos No. 2, No. 4, and No. 5.
During her time away from the CSO, Ms. Gunn has enjoyed participating in various music festivals including the Arizona Music Festival, the St. Barts Music Festival, the Sunflower Music Festival and the Strings Music Festival in Steamboat Springs. In addition to performing away from home, she teaches flute and piccolo in the summer at Orford Music in Canada.

Ms. Gunn is a native of Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University, where she studied with Robert Langevin and Rhian Kenny. Her other teachers have included George Pope, Mary Kay Robinson, and Mary Hannigan.

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