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    2024 Orford Music Festival


    • Spanish Nuances with Granados


      Jorge Federico Osorio: Poetic Intensity – COMING SOON


      Opening Concert – Debussy, Mathieu, Lefèvre – COMING SOON


      Les Violons du Roy: French Times – COMING SOON


      Martin James Bartlett: Couperin & Ravel – COMING SOON

    • Orford Six Pianos – COMING SOON


      The Authentic Busch Trio – COMING SOON


      collectif9: Vagues et ombres – COMING SOON


      The Lyricism of the Cello and the Piano – COMING SOON


      Closing Concert – Claude Debussy: Images oubliées – COMING SOON

    2024 Winter programming


    2023 Orford Music Festival


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