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    • Orford Music Academy is thinking of you…

      Our team is doing everything possible to make the 2020 Academy happen.

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    • There are no changes,

      to the Orford Music Academy planned for this summer. Until further notice, the 2020 Academy will take place. Stay informed by following us on Facebook or by visiting this page.

    • Refund Policy (COVID-19)

      While the coronavirus pandemic is forcing many travelers to cancel their trips abroad, Orford Music would like to inform you of its policy regarding the summer session of its Academy

      Refund Policy

    • Sign up now to compete for the 2020 Orford Music Award!

      The competition is open to all students who will attend Orford Music Academy this summer, as well as to those who attended between 2015 and 2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to win career-changing prizes!

      Apply now! 

      POM 2020
    • Announcing the 2020 Academy!

      Come and see what workshops and master classes will be offered this year!

      Application deadline: April 2, 2020

      Classes and Workshops

      Academie 2020
    • Orford Music Academy is…

      …one of the most dynamic and prestigious classical music programs in Canada, welcoming emerging musicians from all over the world.

      Over 450 students choose Orford Music every summer for our master classes and workshops, led by more than 70 world-renowned faculty members.

      Explore all the different classes we offer, in summer and in winter, and learn more about the Orford Music Award!

    • My three weeks at Orford have been an experience unlike any other. I have never had a more focused summer music learning experience.

      Jonathan Eng

      viola, 2019 Academy
    • I’ve always felt in anything we do as performers, our surroundings and environment are a massive influence. Orford was so peaceful and beautiful – the area is brimming with wildlife and lovely scenery and this complimented music making perfectly.

      Mina Middleton

      flute, 2019 Academy
    • My experience at Orford was one of the best experiences I’ve had due to the amount of music, collaboration and time off from the duties of life to focus on my art

      Peter Krejcar

      composition, 2019 Academy
    • What you need to know

      Everything you need to know about studying at Orford Music Academy

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