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    • 2022 Orford Music Academy

      The Academy is proud to present its summer program, which will be offered in-person for the first time in two years. Classes and lectures will be presented by renowned musicians and professionals from various backgrounds. Check out the 2022 classes and workshops!

      Classes and workshops

      2022 Faculty

      Orford Music Academy
    • Boasting a faculty of world-renowned performers and sought-after pedagogues,…

      … Orford Music has been offering exceptional classical music training programs in Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships since 1951. We provide the most gifted emerging musicians, from Canada and around the world, a safe and unforgettable learning experience, in the company of inspirational mentors and peers. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus, whether it be in-person or online!

    • I had an amazing time during my two weeks. The level of instruction was extraordinary and was only surpassed by the kindness of the faculty and students. Even though we were all remote, I still felt very close to everyone I encountered and developed a sense of community with them.

      Pierre-Nicolas Colombat

      piano, 2020 Virtual Academy
      Piano Master Class
    • My experience at Orford this summer was incredible. I learnt so such and was able to make connections with many new teachers. I also met other young musicians that I will certainly keep in touch with.

      Lexie Krakowski

      cello, 2020 Virtual Academy
    • My time at the Academy was great. The small class sizes and generous amount of time given created a supportive learning environment, where I could take risks, focus and build on my craft.

      Katie Taunton

      flute, 2020 Virtual Academy
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