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      Located in the heart of the Mont-Orford National Park, Orford Music’s Artist Residencies welcomes emerging and established artists to a boundless haven. Here, artists are encouraged to explore, innovate, and contribute to the constant evolution of the artistic landscape.


      Résidences artistiques à Orford Musique
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    • Résidence artistique : FAQ

    • The Orford Music team, deeply versed in art and music, empowers artists by providing support and creating a dynamic environment. They organize conferences with esteemed figures from the artistic, research, and education fields, adding fresh meaning and vitality to projects.

    • Our Residencies

      An artist residency lasts two weeks on set dates. Artists participate in conferences related to their projects and have dedicated time for creation and rehearsal. The experience includes accommodation, catering, technical support, networking with fellow artists, and 24/7 access to individual studios, enhancing the overall impact of the residency.


      Artiste lors d'une résidence artistique
    • Who Are Artist Residencies For?

      Artist residencies cater to artists aged 18 and above across all disciplines, seeking focused time for projects—from research and creation to production. Feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your project’s eligibility.

    • What Is the Purpose of an Artist Residency?

      Artist residencies aim to provide participants with time to concentrate on their creative pursuits, free from the demands of daily life. It also serves as an opportunity for profound reflection on the approach and goals of their projects.

    • What Are the Fees?

      The registration fee is $100, non-refundable, due upon project submission.

      The residency cost is $2,771.65, taxes included, before any Orford Music scholarship allocation. Residencies last two weeks.

    • Are Scholarships Available?

      Yes, Orford Music offers scholarships based on the artistic quality of presented projects. The amount, ranging from 30% to 65%, is determined by our artistic committee. Additionally, we can provide a support letter for other funding organizations.

    • What is the Duration of a Residency?

      Residencies last two weeks, starting Monday afternoon and ending Saturday morning. In special cases, we may consider reducing the duration to one week. For details, contact us.

    • How can I apply? What Should Be Included in My Application?

      The file must be submitted online on our website. The file you submit must include the following things:

      • Artist or ensemble biography
      • A detailed description of the artistic project
      • Relevant links to audio/video/graphic material
      • And proposed residency dates.

      The $100 registration fee must be paid for your application to be valid.  


    • Policies


      We adhere to the Personal Information Protection Act, ensuring confidentiality. Information is disclosed only for relevant activities, and photos/videos require authorized signatures for release. Refer to our privacy policy for details.

      Reservation and Cancellation

      To confirm your reservation, submit a 25% deposit of the invoice amount mentioned in your acceptance letter within thirty days of receiving it. Failure to confirm may result in your spot being offered to someone on the waiting list. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the start of the residency. Please note that amounts paid are non-refundable in the event of late cancellations.

    • Visit the form to learn more or to apply!


    Past Residencies

    • Résidences artistiques : Résidences antérieurs - Alexandra Tibbits

       Alexandra Tibbits

      #exploration #harp


    • Location & Services


      Our rooms offer stunning nature views and ensure exceptional comfort for your peace of mind. A communal lounge and kitchen area are conveniently located nearby.

      Orford Musique - Chambres
    • Catering

      Enjoy three delicious daily meals prepared by our catering team. We cater to your tastes, dietary preferences, allergies, and intolerances. Refer to our Allergy And Dietary Restriction Policy.

      Orford Musique - Restauration
    • Concert Hall

      During residencies, artists can use the Gilles-Lefebvre concert hall for audio-video recording sessions, supervised by our technical team. Concerts may also be presented as part of our “Rencontre Unique” program in collaboration with local community organizations.

      Orford Musique - Salle de concert
    • Rehearsal Rooms

      Each artist enjoys a private workspace with a room tailored to specific needs. Rehearsal rooms feature a grand piano (Yamaha G3 or G2) and a desk. Sound equipment (mixing console, microphones, monitors) is also available. If your artistic discipline requires additional resources, please inform our team.

      Orford Musique - Studio
    • Orford Music’s Artistic Residencies: Your Creative Bubble


    FAQ: Residencies

    • Do You Have Good Internet Access?

      Yes, we provide high-performance Wi-Fi throughout our premises.

    • What Activities Are Possible in the Area?

      Explore a variety of activities in the region, regardless of the season. Check the Tourism Eastern Townships website for must-see attractions.

    • Can I Come with My Family?

      In certain cases, we allow artists’ families to accompany them, decided on a case-by-case basis. Additional fees apply. Please contact us for details.

    • If I Fly Here and Don't Want to Rent a Car, is There a Way for Someone to Pick Me Up at the Airport?

      We can arrange transportation for you, but the costs are your responsibility. Options include Aéronavette from Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport or Limocar bus from Montreal to Magog. We can pick you up at the bus station or a nearby meeting point.

    • How Far Am I From Grocery Stores, Restaurants, or Other Places to Visit?

      The village of Orford is a ten-minute walk away, where you can find restaurants and a convenience store. Moreover, a wide variety of shops can be found in the city of Magog, approximately ten minutes away by car.

    • Are Pets Allowed?

      To ensure comfort and tranquillity for everyone, we do not allow pets.

    • Is Access to Mont-Orford National Park Included?

      Yes, upon request, access to the park will be provided.

    • How Do Audio-Video Recording Sessions Work?

      Our experienced residency technician will guide you through the recording process, answer questions, and create the best environment for your sessions. For technical inquiries, feel free to contact us.

    • Thank you to our partners for their financial contribution to the artist residency program.

    • Music at the Heart of the Community

      Orford Music is dedicated to establishing connections between music and the local community through the creation of engaging cultural mediation projects. Our objective is to promote the numerous benefits of music by reaching a larger audience and making the world of music more accessible to the general public.

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