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    • Artist Residencies

      Orford Music’s Artist Residencies propose an environment where emerging and professional artists can focus and flourish.


    • In addition to the mentorship and expertise provided by the Orford Music team,…

      …participating artists have access to community-building opportunities through cultural mediation activities and shared spaces. Lodging, meals and studios with 24-hour access are available to maximize artistic development. These highly formative stays take place in our facilities, located in the heart of Mount Orford National park, providing a beautiful natural space instrumental to the creative process.


    • Artist Residency Program

      Our artist residencies are two-week stays offered throughout the year on predetermined dates. Once here, artists are free to focus on their projects. They have access to diverse workspaces, valuable practice time and conferences on various subjects related to the challenges of working in the arts. Artists in residency can also participate in cultural mediation opportunities in the Eastern Townships. Scholarships are available.


      Structured artist residencies
    • Customized options

      Artists who are unable to participate in the Artistic Residency program due to scheduling conflicts are invited to contact us to discuss options. No scholarships are available for this format.


      Custom artist residencies
    • Themed Artist Residency

      Once a year, Orford Music offers a one-week artist residency designed to explore one’s artistic practice through the lens of a specific theme. During this unique week, participants will have time to work on their projects while participating in a series of workshops and conferences by curated experts.

      Themed artist residencies
    • Music at the heart of the community

      Orford Music is committed to forging links between music and the local community by creating stimulating cultural mediation projects. Its goal is to promote the many benefits of music by reaching out to a greater number of people and making the world of music more accessible to the general public.

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