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    • The establishment, continuation and expansion of strong institutions are made possible only when their founders… are blessed with an acute sense of their responsiblites as builders in relation to culture’s history.

      Jean-Jacques Nattiez

    • Our History

      More than seventy years ago, Orford Music’s founder, Gilles Lefebvre, went to Europe and saw firsthand how the love of music was helping to heal a generation torn apart by the Second World War.

      Inspired by the passion and commitment of the young people he met, Lefebvre was determined to provide Canadian youth with the same opportunity for inspiration, collaboration and transformation.

      From its modest beginnings as a summer camp, Orford Music is now an important destination for the best and brightest emerging musicians from across Canada and beyond.

    • Orford Music Academy

      Every summer, Orford Music music welcomes more than 450 exceptional young musicians from all over the world to study and perform with the great masters, here on campus or online.

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    • Concerts and Events

      Concerts and events take place all year long, featuring well-known international artists alongside some of the Academy’s brightest stars.  The Orford Music Festival is held in July and August, with additional concerts throughout the Fall and Winter season.

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    • Artist Residencies

      Since 2021, Orford Music has also been offering artist residencies, allowing professional artists from various backgrounds to make use of our facilities in order to focus on their projects.

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      Themed artist residencies
    • Music is the heart of everything we do!

      When you choose Orford Music, you are investing in our primary mission: to help talented young musicians become great artists.

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