Deadlines to apply

February 7, 2019. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship if you apply before that date and if all of the audition material has been received.

April 4, 2019. Without a scholarship, acceptances according to available places.

Successful applicants will have to pay 50% of the fees within 14 days after the reception of the acceptance letter in order to reserve their place.

The full balance must be paid before May 2, 2019. In case of cancellation, the first payment is non-refundable. The second payment can be reimbursed if the student notifies the Admission Coordinator by e-mail at admissions@orford.mu, at the latest one month (30 days) before the first day of the stay. A $50 administration fee will then be deducted from the amount.

If a medical problem beyond your control prevents you from taking part in the Orford Music Academy, your deposit may be used for the subsequent year when a medical certificate is provided. However, you will have to go through the full audition process and be accepted again. If a scholarship was granted to you, it is not transferable to the following year.


  • tuition fees;
  • room in double occupancy;
  • meals at the Orford Music cafeteria;
  • access to concerts at the Orford Music Festival, subject to availability of tickets;
  • access to the training room.

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1 020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.

Voice and Piano Duet

Multi-level Rates:

The rate for a one-week stay is $1020.
The rate for a two-week stay is $970 per week.
For three weeks or more, the rate is $920 per week.


Baroque Music
How to Reach your Full Potential
How to Win an Audition
How to Stand Out as a Chamber Musician


If you add one week of master class, the rate will be $945.
For a stay of three weeks or more, the rate is $895 per week.


Piano Trio
Orford Winds
Contemporary Music


If you add one or more weeks of master classes:
The rate will be $920 per week.



Your identity card allows you to:

  • eat at the cafeteria,
    • circulate in the Charles-Leblanc pavilion,
    • access the rehearsal studios,
    • attend master classes,
    • access the Documentation Centre and borrow equipment,
    • circulate in the hall of residence,
    • use the shuttles to exit campus.

In case of loss, $5 fees are applicable.


New arrivals will be greeted between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the Sunday of the beginning of your stay, and will be settled in at that time. If you anticipate an arrival outside this time frame, please inform the Admissions Coordinator, either by email at admissions@orford.mu or by phone at 819 843-3981, extension 251. If time constraints preclude contact with the registrar office, call the Orford Music’s receptionist directly at 819 843-3981, extension 233 in order to make alternative arrangements.

Upon arrival, you will receive a photo identity card that you will have to wear at all times (registration forms must be accompanied by a headshot photo for this purpose), as well as a folder containing documents and information related to your stay. A $50 deposit against damage to any of Orford Music’s material used during your stay must be made by credit card upon arrival. Costs resulting from the loss or damage to any material you used or borrowed will be deducted from this deposit. It is preferable to make the deposit with a credit card; but it can be done by cash.


Rooms must be vacated at the latest by 10 a.m. on the last day of your stay (Sunday). Should you be scheduled to perform in a concert that day, alternate arrangements may be made with reception for your luggage. Your $50 deposit will be returned to you (if paid in cash) once you have vacated your room, and returned the following items:

  • your room key,
    • any unreturned items from the Resource Centre,
    • your identity card.

You will have to complete a survey upon your departure. Your opinion is important for us and helps us to constantly improve our services. Please allow fifteen minutes at the reception desk to complete every step of your departure.


Individuals arriving by plane at Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport (Montreal-Trudeau / Dorval, YUL) should take the 747 express bus which leaves every 30 minutes, to the Central Bus Station in downtown Montreal. The cost per person is about $10 CAD (Money only, bills are not accepted). Montreal bus station: 514 842-2281

From the Central Bus Station, you should take the bus to Magog city (Transdev-Limocar bus). The cost per person is approximately $58 for students and $65 for adults (round trip). Transdev Limocar bus company (Montreal / Magog): 1 866 692-8899

Orford Music is about 8 km from Magog’s bus station, now located along the highway 10, exit 115 (Couche-Tard). Therefore, once in Magog, you can take a taxi to Orford Music for approximately $15.

Taxi Gendron: 819 868-4440

Magog-Orford Taxi: 819 843-3377


You can schedule a shuttle from the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport (Montreal-Trudeau / Dorval, YUL) to Orford Music with a company called Aeroshuttle.

Fees: one way trip: $90+tx; round trip: $120+tx


From Montreal
Take the Champlain Bridge to Eastern Townships Highway #10 East (Autoroute des Cantons-de-l’Est) and get off at the Exit 118 (Magog-Orford). Take route 141 through Orford and the Mont-Orford Provincial Park and follow the indications to Orford Music.

From United-States (Vermont)
Take the I-91 North towards Canada. After the border, the I-91 North becomes highway 55 North. Get off at exit 34 to take on Eastern Townships Highway #10 West (Autoroute des Cantons-de-l’Est) and get off at the Exit 118 (Magog-Orford) and turn right. Take route 141 through the town of Orford and the Mont-Orford Provincial park and follow the indications to Orford Music.


Orford Music offers you the chance to get a car-sharing arrangement. Visit the Facebook page of the Orford Music Academy to exchange with other students.

You can also plan to come to Orford Music with Kangaride. Kangaride is a ridesharing platform that puts drivers and passengers in contact to share the road and the travel costs for medium- and long-distance car trips.


Whether you come to Orford in motorcycle, boat, car or plane, if the environment is a subject that matters to you, offset your carbon emission rate. Indeed, thanks to http://planetair.ca/fr/index.sn, you can easily neutralize the carbon emitted for your trip to Orford. If you choose this option, please let us know.


Opening hours may change during the summer.

Charles-Leblanc Pavilion

Every day: 6 a.m. to midnight

Documentation Centre
Monday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Student Services
Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

During special evenings: 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.


A room in double occupancy will be assigned to each student. Bedding and towels will be provided. Make sure you have an electric adaptor if your electric devices are not compatible with 110 volts.

Students are not allowed in teacher’s room, and teachers are not allowed in student’s room. If you are aware that such thing happened, please inform the Student Services.

You are responsible for maintaining your room and its furnishings in the condition in which you found them upon arrival. Any damage found on your arrival or resulting from an accident during your stay should be reported immediately to the reception. You will be billed for all damage caused by negligence. To prevent damage, moving furnishings and other material either within the residence or outdoors is strictly prohibited.


Coin-operated laundry facilities are located in the E pavilion. Change is available at the reception desk during normal hours of operation. Basic personal care and laundry items may be obtained at the reception desk.


For security reasons, it is important that we remain informed at all times of the room you are occupying. If you wish to change or trade rooms, please contact the Admissions Assistant to discuss possibilities.


If you would like to prolong your stay, please contact the admission office. Your request will be met where space is available and you will be required to assume any additional costs arising from the increased length of your stay.


Tuition fees for a master class and/or a workshop include accommodation in a double occupancy room. The chalets are reserved for tourists exclusively.


Cafeteria – J.A. DeSève pavilion

8 to 9:30 a.m.
Noon to 13:30 p.m.
5 to 7 p.m.

Meals will not be served outside normal hours of operations. In the case of a justifiable exception, arrangements may be made with Student Services. If you have allergies, dietary restrictions, or if you are vegetarian, you should specify this on your registration form or by email. To make specific requests concerning meals served at the cafeteria, or to make changes to your menu, please contact the Admission Coordinator.

Lunches and dinners will normally include:
• Non-alcoholic beverages;
• A soup or a salad bar;
• A main dish (regular, vegetarian, or special diet);
• A dessert.


Over the years, Orford Music has developed itself to a point where it is able to provide a multi-functional building that contains a number of rehearsal studios, each of which contains a piano to allow students to work alone or with an accompanist, as well as appropriate spaces for master classes.


Teaching takes place in both master classes. Your schedule will be handed out to you by the teachers following the first class meeting.


Students have access to festival’s concerts only if there are seats available. Seats must be reserved in advance. For more information, contact the Student Services office.


Rehearsal facilities include studios located in the Charles-Leblanc pavilion, spaces normally used for master classes (outside teaching hours). Please see Student Services to reserve rehearsal slots. Students may also rehearse daily in their dorms between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.


You may be asked to present your identity card to gain entry to rehearsal studios and classrooms. Except where special permission of the administration is granted, access is limited to registered students and teachers. Classrooms and studios must be left in the state in which they were found. It is strictly forbidden to consume food and/or beverages in these facilities. Upon leaving a room or studio, please take your instrument and all personal belongings with you, even if you leave for a short period.


A Documentation Centre is available so you can borrow scores, CDs, reference books and recordings. Material on loan from the University of Montreal and the Université de Sherbrooke may be borrowed. Reference help will be provided to assist and direct you in your research.

You may rent documents for a maximum of 1 week. The cost ($1 per day per document) of any material not returned prior to your departure will be deducted from your deposit.


Photocopying is available at the Charles-Leblanc pavilion. Canadian copyright laws forbid the reproduction of all literary and musical works without prior consent of the author or his or her assignee. Works are protected for up to 50 years following the death of the author. After this period, the work falls into the public domain and may be used without authorization. However, the law does permit the copying of short excerpts without the permission of the author, for the purposes of personal study, research, scholarship or reviews intended for journals. For additional information please consult Student Services.


Orford Music offers the opportunity to play in the Rising Star and Orford on the Road concert series. The Orford on the Road series takes place outside Orford Music Those interested should fill the application form available at the Student Services office.

For more information, contact the students concerts coordinator, at concertsetudiants@orford.mu or by phone: 819-843-3981, ext. 238.


These concerts are offered to the general public at Orford Music’s Gilles-Lefebvre concert hall a few times per week and on Sunday mornings.


On Wednesday or Friday nights, the Orford Music Academy organizes concerts in association with some of the Eastern Township’s municipalities. These concerts take place in a designated place chosen by the said municipality. Learn more about this series upon your arrival on campus.


Orford Music owns a vehicle devoted to transportation in the case of concerts that take place outside campus. If you need to participate to such an event, you will have to arrive at the exact time of departure at the agreed checkpoint. On no occasion will a third party who is not employed by Orford Music drive this vehicle.


Many activities are organized by the Student Services and are offered to students to make their stay even more enjoyable. Those activities include swimming at the beach, campfire, soccer and movie nights.


Students who wish to work on a repertoire with piano accompaniment or chamber music must provide the scores. You may want to bring your own music stand. This will allow you to rehearse almost anywhere on campus. Bring any material or tools that you may need to repair your instrument, because there is no music shop in the surrounding area. The Charles- Leblanc pavilion and the bar allow free wireless Internet access. It is recommended to bring your own laptop as Orford Music does not provide laptops.


Bring light summer clothes. Consider bringing what you need to go swimming as well as proper clothing for bad weather (raincoat, umbrella, warm clothing, etc.). It is also recommended that you bring insect repellent as some students are allergic to insect bites.


Consider bringing a formal concert outfit for the Rising Star and Orford on the Road series. No particular dress code is required. This is what is suggested:

Men: white shirt, black pants, black tie or bowtie;
Women: black skirt or dress, black or white blouse;
Both men and women: black shoes and black socks.


You may want to visit souvenir shops or participate in some optional activities. You may also want to visit the surrounding towns, such as Magog and Sherbrooke. Therefore, it would be a good idea to bring some extra money. Banking facilities and ATM’s are available in Magog, but are at about 8 km from Orford. Please note that there aren’t any ATM machines on campus.


Security services are available around the clock for emergency situations. A security guard may be reached by dialing 819 674-1404.


In the event of injury or other health problems, an attendant may be called to administer first aid by contacting either reception or security. A first aid kit is also available at Student Services and at the reception desk. Should medical attention prove necessary, Orford Music will insure transportation to an appropriate facility. Non-Canadian residents must have proof of health insurance.


Musician or singer who, as a student of Orford Music, actively participates in at least two masterclasses per week. Students are admissible to private lessons and have access to our rehearsal studios. Upon approval of their professor, students can appear on stage as part of the Rising Star and Orford on the road concert series.


Professional musician who accompanies artists in masterclasses, rehearsals and concerts.


The Student Assistance’s purpose is to answer all of the students and professor’s questions and requests. It also organizes recreational activities for the academicians on campus.


Person of 18 years of age and over who resides on campus and who is responsible for a student or a group of students under age 16.


In order to abide to the Tobacco Act, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the buildings. Ashtrays are located outside to accommodate smokers. We also ask that you enjoy your moment at at least 9 meters from the door and to avoid throwing your cigarette ends on the ground.


Orford Music is not responsible for any stolen, lost or broken objects.
The lost and founds will be brought at the reception.


The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18.

Alcohol drinks (beer and wine) are available at the front desk.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol that has been bought elsewhere in the Bistro, including its surrounding areas and terrace.


Drug possession, selling and use are strictly forbidden.

Failing to comply with this regulation will entail immediate exclusion from the Academy, without refund. This violation could also lead to a police report.

Orford Music has a zero tolerance policy regarding substance abuse and harassment.


Orford Music is very concerned by the upkeeping of its environment.

We rely on your collaboration to respect instructions concerning cleanliness everywhere on campus. Use the trashcans available in the hallways, studios and bathrooms.

Furthermore, Orford Music is located in the Mount-Orford National Park and we request your full collaboration to enforce applicable regulations. A copy of the park’s rules and regulations is displayed in each room. Also please take care of the birds that live among us all summer long. It is strictly forbidden to take baby birds in your hands or to chase them. It is also forbidden to take a walk on the golf beside Orford Music.


Your full collaboration is required to ensure that everyone enjoys a peaceful and fulfilling stay.

Silence must be maintained near the residence hall between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. We would be grateful that you limit your movements during this period.


To ensure tranquility and security, visitors are not allowed in the residence hall between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.


You can communicate with the Student Services to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems with your roommate or if you witness or are the victim of a situation that does not comply by Orford Music’s regulations. A complaint can also be filed against either one of the services provided at Orford Music. The person responsible for Student Services will ensure appropriate interventions and will forward the complaint or request to the managers, if necessary. In the case of a conflict with a professor or a consultant employed by the Academy, the student is required to discuss with the concerned person first. If, after discussion, the two parties cannot conclude a satisfactory agreement, the student can then turn to the Student Services.

Orford Music commits to protect its students and personnel against all forms of harassment. In such a situation, the concerned person has to notify the person responsible for Student Services or the managers. Action will immediately be taken to support the victim and to restore the situation.


Failure to abide to the standards of behaviour and regulations prevailing at Orford Music can entail a maximum of three notices of violation, after which your identity card will be taken away and you will have to leave the premises, without refund. We count on your collaboration to avoid using such measures.

Depending on the severity of the misconduct, Orford Music retains the right to exclude, without refund, any student who hinders the Academy’s good functioning or who does not abide to the standards of behaviour and regulations. Stealing, destroying or damaging a good as well as forging official documents, harassing people, consuming or selling alcoholic beverages and drugs on campus will make you subject to immediate expulsion.


A consent form concerning the various rules and regulations mentioned in the Ethics and Behavior article will be handed out to each student upon his or her arrival at Orford Music. All students have to sign and hand it upon arrival.

IMPORTANT: Please double-check the applicable deadlines to submit your admission form as they may vary depending on the instrument.


Thanks to Orford Music’s scholarship fund, all students have the opportunity to obtain a partial or full scholarship. Grantees will automatically be invited to participate in the Orford Music Festival as part of the Rising Stars Concerts and Orford on the Road series.

All students aged 30 and under have access to the scholarship program if they register before February 7, 2019.


Non-refundable, the admission fees are of $75.


When it comes to financial assistance, you have to submit your application before the deadline for registration and make sure that your audition material is duly submitted. When you apply, you are automatically eligible to scholarships. A comity consisting in members of all the managing departments of Orford Music will then evaluate each file after the audition process and will distribute the scholarships to the chosen candidates.


Rotary scholarships and grants are currently managed by local clubs and districts. Interested applicants should therefore apply through a local Rotary Club. Please follow this link to locate a club in your area regarding applications and local deadlines.


The following web sites may provide you useful information on other sources of financial aid:

http://www.fastweb.com/ (United States and Canada only)
https://www.fondationmarcbourgie.ca/spip.php?rubrique4 (French only)
http://www.goodcall.com/scholarships/search (Scholarships Search Engine)


The Orford Music Academy is mainly intended for university-level students aged between 18 and 30. On rare occasions, we accept students outside this range in compliance with the following policy:

  • For people between 16 and 17, a parent or guardian has to sign a waiver of limited liability.
  • For people 15 and younger, an accompanying parent or guardian has to stay on site. Hosting and meal fees will be charged as extras for their stay.
  • For people over 31, each file will be valued individually. Candidates 30 years old and under will still be prioritized. Each inscription will be evaluated individually regarding scolarships.


The application and audition processes are subdivided in many steps. After you submit your online application and send in your audition material via YouTube, we will prepare the official audition. The audition comity consists in a group of professors that changes from year to year. The identities of the comity members are confidential. You should get an answer from us three weeks after the deadline for registration.


We only accept audio and video recordings sent on YouTube. Just send us the link.


It is no longer necessary to send us one or more recommendation letters


You will receive a letter of acceptance – or otherwise, of refusal – as well as a bill in which will be indicated the specific classes in which you are accepted and the full cost of your stay. In order to save your place, you must pay 50% of the bill within 14 days of receiving the letter, otherwise your place could be given to another student in the waiting list. If your situation changes, feel free to contact the Admission Coordinator: admissions@orford.mu.


New entry now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include US citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens and Canadian permanent residents, cannot apply for an eTA. Entry requirements for other methods of travel (land, sea) have not changed. It only costs $7 CAD. Most eTA applications are approved within minutes of applying. We recommend to apply for it before buying your flight ticket.

Here is the link to apply for an eTA: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/eta.asp


Following this link, you will find every citizenships that need a visa to get into Canada. By asking the Admission Coordinator, he will provide you a letter that will help you in the process of obtaining a visa: admissions@orford.mu

For the Academy of Orford Music, all you need is a visitor visa; you do not need a study permit.


Student shall provide their own insurances. Take note that Orford Music can not be responsible for the personnal insurances. Non-Canadian residents must have proof of health insurance.


You need a passport to get into Canada at all time.


The Privacy Act stipulates that all information related to an individual is confidential. Orford Music fully intends to abide by the law: our institution will only transfer relevant academic information and use students pictures with the student’s prior authorization, signed upon arrival.


The École de musique de l’Université de Sherbrooke can grant school credits to students who have been trained at Orford Music. Upon arrival, students will have to fill out a form in order to receive these credits. These credits cannot be transfered to your university but they lead to the obtention of a diploma from the Université de Sherbrooke.