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    • Classe de maître avec David Harding à l'Académie Orford Musique

      During your stay at Orford Music, you will create unforgettable memories while evolving into the artist you aspire to be. Orford Music’s master classes are unique opportunities to work on your goals with the mentors of your choice.

      The master classes include the following elements:

      • Master classes or individual lessons lasting 2.5 hours per week
      • Group activities (master class, Q&A sessions, technical lessons)
      • Opportunity to perform in student concerts
      • Opportunity to perform in paid concerts
      • Access to a collaborative pianist
      • Networking activities with faculty members and the student community
      • Access to conferences on various topics related to a career in music (e.g., mental health, collaboration between artistic disciplines, stage presence development, etc.)
      • Accommodation in one of our two residences
      • Three meals a day, as well as full access to a kitchen and common areas
      • Rehearsal studios equipped with pianos (available from 6AM to 11PM)
      • Housekeeping, laundry facilities (for a fee), parking, and free Wi-Fi
      • Free tickets to concerts at the Gilles-Lefebvre Hall (subject to availability)
      • Opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes of Mont-Orford National Park, the majestic Lake Memphremagog, and the tourist activities in the city of Magog


      Please note that all COVID-19 measures established by the Gouvernement du Québec will be followed.


    David Harding
    Viola, Carnegie Mellon University

    Application Deadlines

    February 1st, 2024
    First Round (for automatic scholarship consideration)

    March 28, 2024
    Second Round (for scholarship consideration, subject to availability)

    Academy FAQ

    Audition material

      • Jutta Puchhammer-Sédillot at the Orford Music Academy
      • collectif9 at the Orford Music Academy
      • Michael van der Sloot at the Orford Music Academy
      • Composition at the Orford Music Academy
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