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    • Yannick Rieu : Amalgame

    • Yannick Rieu and Génération Quarter at 2022 Orford Music Festival

      Yannick Rieu and his musicians are pleased to present an evening of exploration and discovery, in the classical style. Génération Quartet performs excerpts from their own original repertoire as well as improvisations from the repertoire of the master, Johannes Brahms. This concert took shape during the group’s two recent Artist Residencies at Orford Music.


      Yannick Rieu 
      Recognized as one of the most talented jazz saxophonists in the world, Yannick Rieu is the recipient of the 18th Oscar Peterson Award, acknowledging his outstanding musicianship and exceptional contribution to the development of Canadian jazz. His music is best defined by its constant evolution.  

      He has received unanimous praise from jazz critics around the world: «Most likely one of the world’s 20 best jazz saxophone players.» – Journal de Montréal (Canada) – «Canada’s greatest jazz poet.» – Jazzman (France) – In 1988, Downbeat magazine Critic Poll ranked him alongside Brandford Marsalis and Joe Lovano as one of the 20 most promising saxophonists on the world scene. Jazz writers have compared him to Stan Getz or Lee Konitz (L’Express, Toronto) – «He sounds like a mixture of Tony Malaby or Chris Potter’s muscular playing with a hint of mid-60s Sonny Rollins lyricism.» – The Jazz Clinic (USA).  

      Where does Yannick Rieu really stand ? The answer is complex. «He has the ability to evoke the roar and fury of life as well as the tenderness and exquisite delight of our existence.» (Stanley Péan, Montréal).  

      «Contextually neither expressionist nor impressionist, avant-gardist nor neo-conservative, Yannick Rieu instead inhabits a middle ground, where inspiration is motivated by individual concern, a private vision. The choice he has made mark him as a musician of thoughtful gesture and singular craft.» – Art Lange, New York.  

      «Bruno Monsaingeon once said that Glenn Gould’s genius was to give each auditor the seemingly miraculous ability to decipher Bach’s music. Yannick Rieu is endowed with the same gift: to hear him think out loud his interior musical self is to experience the exhilarating sensation of being able to speak the jazz idiom ourselves.» L’Express, Toronto.  

      Yannick Rieu leaves no one indifferent. Through his acoustic and electronic projects, he tackles music from multiple angles, while improvisation remains the cornerstone of his artistry. Always intense and intuitive, he plays tenor and soprano saxophone, obeying his own philosophy, without any compromise. As a creative artist, he constantly aims at giving sense to his music.  

      Yannick Rieu has received three «Félix» awards, from Canada’s ADISQ (Association for the Recording, Concert and Video Industries) in the Jazz Album of the Year category for his albums «What Is the Colour of Love?», «Little Zab», and «I Is Memory.» Through the course of his fruitful musical career, he has been regularly nominated as composer and saxophonist. 


      Génération Quartet
      For his new project “Generation Quartet”, Yannick Rieu has teamed up with 3 of the most talented musicians of their generation. The group brings together the pianist Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon, the drummer Louis-Vincent Hamel and the bass player Alex Le Blanc. As its name suggests, “Generation Quartet” allows for a dialogue between two generations of musicians who, over the years and through shared experiences, have developed a particular chemistry, a sound all their own. One foot set firmly in the jazz tradition, the other in innovation, this group is characterized by the great cohesiveness of its members, who explore, interact and exchange with one another. Besides unbridled spontaneity, collective energy is yet another strength of this quartet. Their music is imbued with poetry, mystery and beauty, evoking the human and spiritual experience in all its aspects.


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