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    • 2020 Orford Music Academy: At Your Fingertips!

    • 2020 Orford Music Academy - Brand new & Online
      From June 7 to August 15

      This year, we will offer a brand new version of the Orford Music Academy with online classes and renewed services for students.

      Due to the current situation, we had to rethink the Academy to allow you to benefit from the instruction of our teachers this summer. Classes will be offered online, at a lower cost, thus allowing you to learn in the comfort and safety of your own home.

      What will this new Academy be like?

      • You will receive 3 hours of private or group lessons per week with your teacher. Classes will be made of recordings sent beforehand to the teacher and of live sessions.
      • Classes schedule will be determined in advance and sent to each student individually. Teaching dates remain the same for all faculty members.
      • Tuition fees have been reduced considerably since they no longer include transportation, instrument rental, accommodation, and food.
      • Every student enrolled in at least one class will have access, throughout the summer, to online lectures on various aspects of a musician’s career. These online lectures will be given by teachers and professionals from other backgrounds ( such as music, finance, psychology, fitness, etc.). A complete schedule will be revealed in the coming weeks.
      • The online Academy will give you access to an entire virtual community, allowing you to exchange with other students! Live activities will be offered such as questions and answers (Q&A) with faculty members and quizzes.

      What you need to know

      1. Application process
        Visit page
      2. Video and audio equipment
        Classes will be given via a videoconferencing platform. Make sure you have good quality audio and video equipment as well as a fast internet connection (ideally between 15 and 50 Mb/s). We suggest using a laptop or desktop computer and an Ethernet cable to access the internet instead of using a wireless network. You will be purchasing a high-quality microphone for the Academy? Present us proof of purchase and save $75 on your tuition fees!
      3. Technical support
        You will have access to technical support resources that will perform all the necessary tests with you beforehand and will assist you if problems emerge.
      4. Piano accompaniment service
        Partnerships with our team of collaborative pianists will be possible. More details will follow.




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