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    • Artist Residency: Yannick Rieu

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      By Emilie Gosselin

      Yannick Rieu


      Renowned jazz saxophonist Yannick Rieu is preparing for his sixth artist residency at Orford Music, continuing a fruitful collaboration that began in 2021. Over his five previous residencies, he has developed various projects with the Generation Quartet, including the album Qui qu’en grogne, and the musical exploration Autour de Brahms.

      Fresh from a tour in Africa, Yannick shares his experiences, having undertaken residencies in Morocco with local musicians, followed by visits to Togo and Cameroon for concerts and masterclasses. In light of these travels, he returns to Orford Music with enthusiasm, stating that “Orford is our workplace.

      His next musical venture at Orford Music involves a collaboration with French saxophonist and composer Lionel Belmondo for a second project around Brahms, this time with a symphony orchestra. Yannick, who has already begun working with Lionel in Paris, emphasizes the importance of in-person collaboration for musical details, even though they are currently working remotely. “Orford Music’s location itself fosters creativity. When you arrive there with your projects, brimming with ideas, it’s as if nature takes you in. It’s a rejuvenation that allows for more intense, focused, and attentive work,” he explains. He also highlights a unique human synergy within the entire Orford Music team, which further motivates him to work.

      The upcoming project with Lionel, titled Ravel, Brahms, and Orchestra (temporary name), envisions concerts with the Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal in 2024 and the Bordeaux Orchestra in France. Yannick expresses excitement about the prospect of traveling and performing in China, with a sextet accompanied by a symphony orchestra, creating a unique fusion of two saxophones, trumpet, rhythm section, and local orchestras for a rich and diverse musical adventure.


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