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    • Don’t Miss Out on these Two Great Art Exhibits at Orford Music this Summer! 

    • Pascal Audet and Francis Marin on exhibit at the Orford Music Festival 2022.

      Starting Sunday, July 3, 2022, new works from visual artists Pascal Audet  and Francis Marin will be on display in Orford Music’s Yves-Trudeau Hall. Art lovers can visit from Wednesday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm, or on concert evenings, when the hall will be open a little later.

      The two Québécois artists are known for incorporating elements of technology and science into their artistic practice.

      In his installation entitled Brahms Forte, Pascal Audet used recycled piano pedals, a flat-screen, and a set of speakers to create a collective ephemeral audio-visual work accessible to all.

      Audet created his installation with a renowned composer in mind, the inspiration and theme of this year’s Festival: Brahms. As experienced in Pascal Audet’s past installation – titled “Quartet” – this new interactive piece will allow young and old alike to create music through several instruments cleverly made available to them.

      In his exhibit, Francis Marin presents an opus of photographs entitled Johannes Brahms and the Orford Forest composed of two distinct series.

      The first: Counterpoints is a triptych of the Orford Forest where each photograph takes up a visual motif and a point of view of the forest that includes the head, body, and foot. The sequential repetition of the motif in counterpoint creates a symbolic image.

      The second: Impressionist Variations, is an improvisation with forest and plant colours inspired by Paul-Émile Borduas’ lyrical abstractions.

      Francis Marin specializes in digital arts as well as film and television. His impressionist style of photography has made him a popular photographer. His genius in capturing the essence of a place or a moment is what makes him a great artist.

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