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    • Alter Ego by Marie Montiel at Orford Music

    • MarieMontriel

      When the pandemic struck this spring, Marie Montiel’s latest exhibition, Alter Ego, was just about to open in Yves-Trudeau Hall. While Orford Music’s site remains closed to the public for now, we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to this Townships artist and her work and to share some highlights from the exhibition.


      Creative Process

      Marie Montiel’s creative process is slow and deliberate.  Her figurative style is informed by careful observation of daily life, and delicate abstract touches infuse the realism of her work.  Painting is a means of gaining knowledge, studying objects and beings.  Painting bears witness to an era and to the questions we must answer; it tells the story of a single moment, a feeling or a thought, reflected in a face or on an object.

      Montiel’s work focusses on universal emotion, as expressed by both people and animals.  Her goal is to provide the viewer with time and space for personal reflection and quiet introspection.


      Alter Ego

      Alter Ego offers a gentle look at the relationship between people and animals, at their distinctive features, at the differences between them, and at the rights we grant to each of them. By exploring this relationship, we are invited to consider the place of animals, and the respect with which they are treated, within our societies.

      Strong and yet fragile, Montiel’s dyads create a mirror image effect. The juxtaposition of the works highlights visual and emotional similarities between human and animal, as well as providing insight into the connection between them.

      Click here to see selected works from the exhibition

      If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please contact Hélène Daneau at hdaneau@orford.mu


      SOURCE : https://www.mariemontiel.com/

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