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    • Three exciting exhibits at Orford Music this summer

    • Installation Olfactive

      Throughout July and August, Orford Music is proud to host exhibits by three very talented artists, whose works reflect the 2019 Festival’s Italian theme.

      Alexandra Bachand and La Grange du Parfumeur:
      Sfumato invisibile
      At the Espace Yves Trudeau until August 17

      With Sfumato Invisibile, the perfumer’s art allows visitors to experience more deeply Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous work.  This immersive installation provides a very special opportunity to connect with the real person behind the famous Mona Lisa smile, and to explore notions of beauty that go beyond the visual, both in the Italian Renaissance and today.

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      Exhibit Opening Times

      Monday: 6 :30 – 9 pm
      Tuesday and Wednesday: closed
      Thursday: 6 :30 – 9 pm
      Friday: 7 – 10 pm
      Saturday: 7 – 10 pm
      Sunday: 10 am – noon

      Natacha Sangalli:
      Tempo E Leggerezza
      At the Espace Yves Trudeau until August 17

      Natacha Sangalli‘s approach fuses traditional monotype printmaking and digital composition.  Like da Vinci, she finds inspiration in architecture, design, astronomy and science, in the natural world and in the search to understand human nature.  Her work welcomes visitors into a universe where the movement of time becomes light and effortless.

      Giovanni Angeloro

      At the Rondo until September

      The abstract works of Italian-Canadian artist Giovanni Angeloro, offer a fresh and dynamic perspective on the world around us, challenging the viewer to engage in ways that are personally meaningful.

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