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    • Do you enjoy interacting with the public?

      Let us know if you are interested in participating in our Rencontres Uniques project!

      Artistic residencies at Orford Music!
    • During your residency, you can participate in a cultural mediation process with community organizations that work with certain segments of society – those suffering from mental health issues, children, new arrivals etc. Two meetings, prior to your residency at Orford Musique, will prepare you for this project.

      The resulting 60-minute presentation will be given in front of an audience made up of members of the particular community you have been working with. Both the dress rehearsal and the actual performance will be filmed. As well, you are encouraged to talk about your experiences when conducting the interviews. The fee is $400 per musician. If you would like to participate in this cultural mediation project, please mention that when you are submitting your application for an artist residency.

      NB : By ‘cultural mediation’ we are referring to the way you adapt your performance to the specific audience you have chosen. During the first preparatory meeting, different aspects of your presentation will be discussed with input from a professional speaker, a member of the Musique Orford team and other musicians. They will give you feedback on the choice of repertoire, the venue, the lighting and how to effectively interact with the audience.

    • Contact us for more information and to apply.

      Gabrielle Valevicius
      819 843-3981, ext. 209
      1 800 567-6155



    • Music at the heart of the community

      Orford Music is committed to forging links between music and the local community by creating stimulating cultural mediation projects. Its goal is to promote the many benefits of music by reaching out to a greater number of people and making the world of music more accessible to the general public.

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