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    • Classical music, contemporary artist

      At Orford Music, we’re renewing our commitment to a new generation of talented creators.

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    • Thank you to Jacques Marchand and Marie-Christine Tremblay, ambassadors for our 2024 annual fundraising campaign. We extend our gratitude in advance to the donors for their generosity and commitment to the arts and culture. Your support will help preserve the essence of Orford Music and support artists and artistic projects that enrich our community.

    • I loved having time to experiment, to dedicate myself to the artistic process, to nourish my motivation and my creativity.

      Artist in residence, 2021
      2022 Artistic Residencies Testimonial 01
    • Orford Music brought me into contact with hugely talented musicians, who truly inspired me in my work.

      Artist in residence, 2021
      2022 Artistic Residencies Testimonial 02
    • Music makes the world go round

      Creating and sharing music means everything to us. Like you, we believe in the unique contribution artists make to our collective wellbeing. That’s why our Academy, artistic residencies and Festival offer as many opportunities to give back to the community as to pursue career projects.


    • When you support Orford Music, you support the development of talent, the creation of new works and the vitality of the arts in Quebec.

      Thank you for your generosity!





      Orford Music Fundraising Committee

      Mr. Michel Bernier • Mr. Hugues Richard • Mr. Yves Leduc • Ms. Monique Desroches • Mr. Matthieu Cardinal


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