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    • Directeur général et artistique de Orford Musique - Wonny Song

      Message from the General & Artistic Director

      When a student chooses the Orford Music Academy, they get access to the highest quality training alongside experienced mentors and a welcoming community that encourages intellectual curiosity and creativity. Our goal is for each young talent to find its place and reach its full potential.

      For an emerging musician, receiving a scholarship is significant, as it is a recognition of past efforts whilst also a sign of confidence in their future.

      We would like to thank our donors, who provide essential support to the promising new generation in classical music! We invite you to browse this page to learn more about the impact of your donations.

    • The Orford Music Scholarship Fund

      In 2023, over $186,000 in scholarships were distributed to 219 students.

      The Orford Music Scholarship Fund allows talented up-and-coming musicians to benefit from an education that is at the height of their talent, regardless of their means. Your contribution directly lowers the cost for students and pays the sometimes-significant costs associated with such a large-scale program.

      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable support. Your investment in my musical education will have a significant impact on my future as an artist.

      – Sebastian, viola

    • Donations that go a long way

      During the summer of 2022, Marion Portelance perfected her skills alongside emeritus cellist Lluis Claret. She even made it to the semi-finals of the prestigious 2022 Orford Music Award. Learn more about the impact of your donation by watching this video!

      (French only)

      Bilan des boursiers d'Orford Musique - Marion Portelance
    • Scholarships that make a difference

      Gillian Derer attended the Academy in 2022 and enjoyed a master class with seasoned flutist Alexa Still. Learn more about her experience by watching this video!

      Bilan des boursiers d'Orford Musique - Gillian Derer
    • Did you know…

      81 master classes were held at the 2023 Orford Music Academy, under the tutelage of 58 teachers and 10 accompanying pianists.

      Bilan des boursiers 2022 - Académie Orford Musique 2022 - Robert Langevin

    2023 Academy scholarship fund donors

      • Fondation J.A. DeSève
      • Fondation Sibylla Hesse
      • Fondation R. Howard Webster
      • Fondation Azrieli
      • Conseil de la Culture de l’Estrie
      • Fondation du Père Lindsay
      • Cogeco
      • Congrégation de Notre-Dame
      • Suzanne Badeaux
      • Marcel St-Onge
      • Fondation de la Famille Zeller
      • Maison provinciale des Filles de la Charité du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus
      • Louise Penny
      • George Ross
      • Claude Bernier
      • Céline Dudemaine
      • Adrienne Beaudoin
      • Pierre Bernard
      • Fondation Festival du Lac Massawippi
      • Norelkys Blazekovic

    Thank you to the religious congregations and to all those who have so generously supported Orford Music over the past year.

    • Did you know…

      In 2023, more than 63% of our 348 Academy students were scholarship recipients!

      Bilan des boursiers 2022 - Académie Orford Musique 2022 - Contrebasse
    • Orford Music Academy is…

      …located in Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships. Since 1951, we have sought to provide excellent classical music training programs. Our faculty is composed of world-renowned artists and teachers. We offer emerging musicians from Canada and around the world a safe and unforgettable learning experience with inspiring mentors and colleagues.

    • It was my fifth summer in Orford, and I still find it to be a fun and educational experience. I studied with two extraordinary cellists who were also wise mentors.

      Elliot, cello
      Bilan des boursiers - Académie Orford Musique 2022 - Piano
    • Every aspect of this Academy seems designed to provide the best possible foundation for myself and the other students to continue developing our musicality in a dedicated and comprehensive manner.

      - Kei, Cello 
      Bilan des boursiers - Académie Orford Musique 2022 - Violon
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    • Music at the heart of the community

      Orford Music is committed to forging links between music and the local community by creating stimulating cultural mediation projects. Its goal is to promote the many benefits of music by reaching out to a greater number of people and making the world of music more accessible to the general public.