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    • Family concerts in Austin - SOLD OUT

      Nicolas Leblanc, trumpet
      Denis Falardeau, trumpet
      Magellan Strubbe, french horn
      Jonathan Moreau, trombone
      Justin Gauthier, bass trombone
      11:30 AM, August 8, 2021
      Austin Municipal Parc
    • 2021 Orford Music Festival: Family Concerts in Austin - Sold out

      Come and enjoy these lively concerts in one of Austin’s most beautiful locations.

      IMPORTANT: To respect public health measures, reservations are required for this concert. Hurry, places are limited!


      Please note that there is no concert program for this event. Thank you for your understanding.
      1. Austin


    3165, chemin du Parc
    Orford (Québec) J1X 7A2
    819 843-3981, ext. 232

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