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    • Orford Music and Groupe Probex: a prosperous partnership

    • Orford Musique établit un partenariat avec le Groupe Probex

      Orford Music is pleased to announce its association with Groupe Probex for its on-site cleaning services.

      Orford Music depends on quality cleaning services throughout the year to offer optimal experiences to its many clienteles. These include artists in residence, students and faculty members from the Orford Music Academy, concertgoers and students from the Montessori High School (located on-site during the school year).

      The two organizations have very similar values making this partnership a natural fit. For Orford Music, collaborating with Groupe Probex allows it to continue offering high-quality experiences to its clientele while contributing to the inclusion and social participation of sometimes marginalized people. For Groupe Probex, it is an opportunity to expand and diversify its training program in an exceptional environment.

      “We are very proud of this partnership! We see this as a remarkable opportunity to broaden our horizons by participating in the well-being of the community and by promoting the talents of people facing certain vulnerabilities,” says Wonny Song, General and Artistic Director of Orford Music.

      David Caron, Executive Director of Groupe Probex, adds: “We are privileged to have Orford Music as a partner in our Citizen Participation Program. The openness and generosity of their team allow our trainees to expand their life plan and contribute significantly to a collective project.”

      About Groupe Probex

      Groupe Probex is a social enterprise located in the Eastern Townships. It operates in several sectors, including education, services to individuals and businesses, as well as housing for people with permanent functional limitations. The group also operates business divisions with a mission to promote the training, inclusion and social participation of its trainees.

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