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      This concert is offered in collaboration with the government of Quebec with the aim of stimulating conversations around mental health issues among adolescents.

      After several years away from the spotlight, Philippe Brach is back on stage with “Les gens qu’on aime,” the show accompanying his album of the same name. While terms like “refinement,” “reflection,” “brutal lucidity,” and “glorious cynicism” can all be applied to his most recent offering, it is primarily on enthusiasm and enjoyment that he focuses for this new foray onto the stage.

      After winning the Félix Award for Show of the Year – Author-Composer-Performer at the 40th ADISQ Gala, Brach and his musicians present a new energetic concert, without pressure and without filters, in short, everything that the people we love deserve.

      17 years and under = $5
      18 years and older = $40

      We invite you to arrive early to view the art exhibition in the concert hall lobby, presented by Magog’s Centre l’Élan.


      Philippe Brach 

      Since 2014, Philippe Brach has left a lasting impression with his honest and free-spirited music that blends elements of French folk, lush orchestration, and everything that can bridge the two.

      After releasing three albums in three and a half years (“La foire et l’ordre” in 2014, “Portraits de famine” in 2015, and “Le silence des troupeaux” in 2017) – the latter of which earned him five Félix Awards at the 40th ADISQ Gala – Brach took several years of respite, stepping away from the oversaturation of everyday life.

      His most recent album, “Les gens qu’on aime,” is a raw, glorious, sensitive, and cynical offering that reflects the journey traveled and the path yet to be explored, both for him and for us.


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